Romania and Lavtiva were the only countries within the ten states that joined the EU in the same time that registered a decreasing economy in 2010, a report of the World Bank reads. According to WB experts, the corrections in the two countries reflect the need to adjust from the boom registered before the crisis.

In 2010 Slovakia and Poland evolved better, with increases of over 3.5%, favored by some small adjustments that needed to be made during the crisis. For Estonia and Lithuania, that made massive adjustments in the crisis, the increase will be of about 2%. The increase in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia will be a bit modest, somewhere between 0-2%.

Romaia, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia might register higher fiscal deficits than those planned for the end of 2010. The international financial institution reads that in Romania and Bulgaria deficits are due to the low pace of recovery.