Romania's Embassy to Budapest obtained several days ago the approval to organize the events marking the National Day at the National Theater in Hungary. After political pressures, the theater's director decided to cancel the agreement with the Romanian Embassy. questioned several Hungarian politicians. See how they reacted.

Koto Iosif, Hungarian Democratic deputy expressed his hope over historical events and data. He said that he is not sure that if Romania would have organized the event at the National Theatre, there would have been a mass reaction in Hungary.

Marton Arpad, Hungrian Democratic deputy declared for that the Jobbik party, an extremist party in Hungary had some interventions in the Hungarian Parliament against Romania and its national day celebrations.

Lakatos Peter, Hungarian Democratic deputy said that the refusal of the Treatre to hold the agreement with Romanian authorities is at least unfriendly. He said that the gesture is not understandable, especially since it regards deplomacy. Peter said that the scandal is not possible for the 21st century.