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Government approved the second budgetary modification for 2010: money for social rights, health and infrastructure 

de A.C.
Luni, 22 noiembrie 2010, 17:33 English | Top News

The government approver, through an emergency ordinance on Monday the second budgetary modification for this year, PM Boc declared, explaining that the modification aims to ensure financial resources until the end of the year. 

The executive allocated more money for pensions and other social rights, funds necessary to the Agriculture ministry for European projects, subsidies or the health funds and a redistribution of the money to city halls, to make sure that payments of social rights are paid. 

Ministries that receive more money 
  • Labour ministry - 987.3 million lei - transfer to balance the budget for social insurances, and social aid 

  • Agriculture ministry - 503 million lei for European projects 

  • Health ministry - 256.8 million lei to balance health insurances budget 

  • Interior ministry 52.6 million lei to pay heating debts 

  • Culture ministry - 25 million lei to purchase buildings for cultural institutions 

  • Environment ministry - 11.8 million lei to pay for materials used to prevent floods and for the creation of a European
    Organization to exploit meteorological satellites 

  • Transports ministry - 5.9 million to ensure traffic safety 
Ministries that incur cuts 
  • Economy ministry - 75.3 million lei 

  • Finance ministry - 58.1 million lei 

  • Government's Secretariat General - 50.6 million lei 

  • Education ministry - 40 million lei 

  • Communications ministry - 27.4 million lei 

  • Tourism and Development ministry - 10.3 million lei 

  • Public ministry - 12.1 million lei 

  • Higher Court of Justice - 5.5 million lei 

  • Sanitary - Veterinary Authority - 4.6 million lei 

  • Court of Accounts - 35 million lei 

  • Competition Council -2.3 million lei 

  • Special Telecommunications Service - 2.1 million lei 

  • Foreign Affairs ministry - 12.1 million lei 

  • Romanian Cultural Institute - 1.5 million lei 

  • Justice ministry - 1.3 million lei 

  • Finance ministry - 326.5 million lei

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