The government approved the law on the unique salary law for 2011 and the law on unitary salaries. PM Boc declared that in 2011 the salaries of public servants will increase by 15% compared to their October 2010 salary. Boc said that on Thursday, the laws will be sent to Parliament to start procedures to take responsibility for the laws.

Boc said that the minimum wage will increase up to 670 lei in 2011 from the current value of 600 lei. The Labour minister considered a number of 1,290,000 budgetaries and 39 billion lei allocated for 2011.

His main declarations

  • the most important rule of the law for 2011 is that salaries will increase by 15% 
  • this is what Romania can afford at the time considering the crisis and the need to meet the deficit targets 
  • our next targets are: 4.4% budgetary deficit, salary budget of 39 billion lei, budgetary personnel of 1,290,000 
  • the economic increase estimated by the IMF and WB is between 1.5% and 2% in 2011

About contributions to the pensions system of militaries

  • military personnel used to pay 5% contributions to the pensions system. Starting 2011, they will pay 10.5%
  • the difference will be covered by a 5.5% increase in the salary so that they will not feel the difference 

About the national system of online payments of taxes

  • the government adopted a government decision to implement and develop the online payment of taxes at the national level