British and Dutch Ambassador talked with Romanian Transports minister Anca Boagiu about the possibility to collaborate to maximize the potential of the Constanta port in the region, to become the second biggest port in Europe, Transports ministry informs.

According to the press release, the two Ambassadors said that Constanta has an important potential for the economic development of the region. Romania needs to modernize the infrastructure that connects Constanta of the country, the roads and railway alike. Transports minister Boagiu said that by the end of 2011 the highway connecting Pitesti - Bucharest - Constanta will be finished and works at the railway connecting Bucharest to Constanta will finish.

The two parties, the Dutch Ambassador to Bucharest, Tanya Van Gool and the Transports minister Anca Boagiu discussed the possibility to connect Constanta to Rotterdam, through an agreement memorandum to sustain common development objectives.