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Mother lead aid, final decision: for current mothers in maternal leave, nothing changes. Starting 2011: either 1 year with a maximum ceiling of 3,400 lei or 2 years with a maximum ceiling fo 1,200 lei 

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Miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010, 18:12 English | Top News

​PM Boc announced on Wednesday night that the executive approved the ordinance for mothers' leave. The main stipulations: for current mothers in maternal leave, the situation remains unchanged. Starting 2011, parents have two options: either a year of maternal leave aid with a maximum ceiling for 3,400 lei or two years of maternal leave aid with a maximum ceiling of 1,200 lei. In all situations, the minimum si 600 lei. 

Labout minister Ioan Botis said that from the government's estimates, 30-40% of the mothers will opt for the first pack and the rest for the second one. He said that the ordinance will enter into force started January 1, 2011 and will produce effects for new born children after January 1st. 

Botis announced that current maternal leave aid will increase up to the ceiling of 75% of the revenue average. Maternal leave aid, whose initial value was 85% of the average of the previous year's revenues were decreased by 15% in June 2010. 

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