Hungarian Democratic leader Marko Bela is expected to announce on Saturday whether or not he will run for a new mandate in February but according to sources he will step down for current Culture minister Kelemen Hunor. A meeting scheduled for Saturday will prepare the Congress in February when the new leader of the Hungarian Democrats, UDMR will be elected. According to sources, Marko Bela negotiates with Laszlo Borbely to accept the position of executive president with Kelemen Hunor as head of the party. Hunor's problem however is that he does not have the support of some branches and neither the support of FIDESZ, the ruling party in Hungary.

Tomorrow's meeting is very important because all Hungarian leaders expect Bela to announce the changes. Some expect him to be clear that he will run for another mandate or not while others expect an ambiguous announcement. Up to this point, Bela could not be contacted.

Sources within the party declared that Hunor does not have the support of the organizations from Satu Mare, Covasna, Harghita since there are many who believe he does not have what it takes to lead the party.

According to them, Bela will not step down entirely, but he will continue to have an important role in the party. Bela has been the leader of the Hungarian Democrats since 1993. Another option is Laszlo Borbely who according to sources, has all the support from the branches and has negotiation power. However, is Borbely is elected, the Hungarian Democrats will not be able to send a message of change anymore since Borbely is part of the old generation.