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President Basescu for the Financial Times: I will never pass the law on changing Rroma to gypsy 

de A.C.
Marţi, 14 decembrie 2010, 13:32 English | Top News

Romanian President Traian Basescu denounced the legislative initiative to change a word Rroma to gypsy and declared in an interview for the Financial Times that he will not pass the law. 

I believe it is a mistake and I will never pass this law, Basescu declared. The proposal was registered in the Senate in September when the President declared that the initial decision to change gypsies to Rroma was mistaken because there many Europeans who mix up Romanians and Rroma. 

The current legislative initiative was submitted by Romanian businessman Silviu Prigoana and it rules that the denomination of Rroma should be changed with gypsy. Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry declared that the initiative will not reach its target, to eliminate the confusion of foreigners between Romania and the Rroma community.

The ministry underlines that the decision will not produce effects internationaly and thus foreign citizens will continue to use the term used in the Romanian language. 

Financial Times notes that the Rroma term comes from the Romanes language and has no connection with Romania, where only 1.5 million Rroma live of about 12 million in Europe. 

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