President Traian Basescu held a press conference on Thursday, at the Presidential HQ. Read in the text his most important declarations.

About consultations with political parties

  • the conference is motivated by the meeting with political parties, by the well known theme
  • I want to lay out the discussions we had 
  • talks were conducted in a constructive athmosphere, both with the governing coalition and with the Social Democrats 
  • I continue to regret the absence of the Liberals 
  • we analyzed the main parameters of the 2010 state budget 

About the 2011 state budget

  • is projected on a deficit of 4.4% of GDP, almost 6 billion euro that we need to borrow 
  • I warned parties about the meaning of the loans for 2011 
  • the main event is that the public debt will rise to 39.5% of GDP 
  • we still have a very high percentage dedicated to social spending and pensions 
  • we have higher spending than revenues 
  • there are parts of the budget that still do not look good 
  • the 2011 state budget will continue the process of fiscal consolidation 
  • we will continue to cut costs, either social costs or costs with the labour force
  • I hope that the Finance and the Interior ministers start restructuring 

About the new labour code

  • I asked parties to have the labour code a priority 
  • I did not receive a generalized positive answer  
  • the political needs to adopt a more flexible approach of the labour code 

About the law on education

  • I sustain the law on education in its form 
  • things cannot continue in the same line 
  • we need to have a modern educational system 
  • we cannot sacrifice the future generations for the sake of deans or union leaders
  • it is clear that something must be done 
  • the law on education cannot have worse results than the current law 
  • about Schengen 
  • Romania will have a good report on its readiness to join Schengen 
  • there are countries that couple Schengen to the inefficiency of the justice system 
  • there is no other judicial system that affected its citizens more than the Romanian system affected the Romanians