Romania changed its image from a mediocre student and won the trust of the IMF in 2010 after the government in Bucharest managed to survive the motions and protests to respect the IMF requests on spending and personnel cuts, IMF chief of mission to Romania Jeffrey Franks declred in an interview for Bloomberg.

According to Franks, Romania will most probably finish in April 2011 the current agreement with the IMF of 13 billion euro to be able to sign a new, preventive agreement. The IMF agreement with Romania changed Romania's image: before of the agreement, Romania was seen as a mediocre student in terms of not being able to finish reforms. Now, the country is seen as a country that despite disadvantages made serious efforts to take reforms to the end, Franks said.

The law on pensions, approved by the Parliament on December 7th and passed by the President is a new positive step, Franks said. He explained that PM Boc also urged the parliament to pass urgently all others laws pertaining to the reform.