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PM Boc to the Parliament: the motion of censure on the law on the unique salary system aims at blocking the 15% recovery of the 25% cut and at blocking the law on budget 

de A.C.
Luni, 20 decembrie 2010, 11:33 English | Top News

The aim of the motion is, in essence, to block the recovery of te 15% of the 25% salary cut from salaries, PM Boc said in the Parliament. This motion of censure also plans to block the promulgation of the law on budget for 2011 because without a law of the unique salary system there can be no budget, Boc added. The motion of censure is read today in the parliament and will be debated and submitted for a vote on Thursday morning. 

PM Boc said the motion plans to block the IMF/EC instaments. The IMF money are meant for the national central bank to consolidate the exchange rate and the foreign currency reserve, Boc exlained. Without the IMF money Romania would have to call for financial loans from the local or foreign markets at high interest rates. This is why the motion should not be adapted, Boc said. 

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