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Wikileaks / US Embassy in 2007: Teo Peter case risks to affect cooperation between Romania and the US

de A.C.
Luni, 20 decembrie 2010, 21:53 English | Top News

US diplomats to Bucharest feared back in 2007 of a bad evolution of relations with Romania after a car accident, caused by an American diplomat that lead to the death of famous Romanian singer Teo Peter who was in cab downtown Bucharest. 
The secret cagle, obtained by Wikileaks and released in the online edition of British daily The Guardian was sent by the US Embassy to Bucharest to the American State Department. 

The cable notes that the accident, which took place in 2004 had negative effects over Romania's relation with the US. The cable reveals that if Teo Peter's family will release the information that the US government answered the family's request for millions of dollars in compensation with an offer of only 80,000 dollars, Romanian opinion leaders will have a virulent and emotional reaction. 

The cable reads that President Basescu and all political leaders will most surely stand on the side of the family even though some pro-American politicians will attempt to calm down the fury indirectly. 

This incident, the cable reads, might sustain more support for those who call for Romania's fast withdrawal from Iraq. Teo Peter was one of the most renowned Romanian singers who was involved in a deadly accident on December 4, 2004 in Bucharest caused by an American diplomat, Christopher VanGoethem. 

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