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French European Affairs minister does not exclude the possibility that Romania could join Schengen in three years 

de A.C.
Joi, 23 decembrie 2010, 12:19 English | Top News

French European Affairs minister Laurent Wauquiez explained in an interview for French daily Le Figaro what are the French requirements for Romania and Bulgaria to join Schengen. The official considers that the two countries should join only if there are solid conditions complied with. 

He does not exclude the possibility that the two countries could join Schengen in one year or even in three years arguing that this will happen only when there will be clear guarantees that the two countries will end corruption, organized crime and will have secure borders. 

In the same interview, the official rejected any connection between the Rroma and the French position. He warned that the decrease of the salaries of customs officers by 40% is no guarantee that they are not prone to corruption. 
Schengen member states need to ensure that the two countries are well prepared because 75% of illegal immigration passes through South East Europe. 

Schengen works with a very important database, which, if it would fall in the hands of criminals, it will breach the defence system and threaten the security of the European states.

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