Member of the European Parliament and Greater Romania Party (PRM) leader Corneliu Vadim Tudor protested violently on Tuesday against an attempt to evacuate the party headquarters in Emile Zola St. in Bucharest, during which he called policemen and the official in charge with the evacuation names. The evacuation move - caused by the fact the building was claimed back by its former owners - comes as another attempt to evacuate the PRM HQ in late 2010 led to a postponement of the process.

The PRM leader resisted the moves and engaged with police physically on Tuesday, while calling the official in charge with the evacuation a "mad bitch" and "a crook". Supported by some 20 of his staff, he called many other officials names, while claiming he had the necessary documents to retain control of the rented building, which also hosts his MEP office and the headquarters of a newspaper he runs.

His brother, Marcu Tudor, who had come to support him, claimed heart problems and was carried away by an ambulance.

Despite Vadim Tudor refusing to leave the building, officials managed to enter it and start evaluating the assets inside.

The control body of the Ministry of Justice acknowledged for news agency Mediafax on Tuesday it had received a notification from the Greater Romania Party and that as a result it would start checks on the legality of the procedure to evacuate the party headquarters.