IMF board discusses on Friday, the sixth report on Romania’s compliance with the requirements set by the Stand-By Agreement. If the board of the international organization will approve the report, Romania will receive the seventh installment, worth 900 million euro. In an interview for the public television TVR, President Basescu declared that among the commitments for the new agreement will so be the modernization of the labour market.

According to Radio Romania Actualitati, the board will also discuss whether to allow Romania a new exception from the performance criteria, related to the state’s debts to the private sector. President Basescu, PM Boc, Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu and National Central Bank governor Mugur Isarescu met on Thursday to establish the new parameters of the new agreement with the IMF and EC.

The President previously declared that Romania needs to continue its relationship with the IMF through a precautionary agreement for financial stability. Basescu said that eventual funds will be taken from the EU, from the sums offered by states outside the euro. An IMF delegation is expected on January 25 in Bucharest to evaluate the current agreement and conduct talks for a new agreement.