Talks regarding the release of the seventh instalment started at 6PM and will end around 10 PM Romanian time. The money will be released but the state’s debts to the private sector is an extremely serious problem, former Romanian Finance minister Mihai Tanasecu and member of the IMF board declared for This is the sixth time when Romania asks for an exception regarding the targets of the state’s debts to the private sector and the IMF has had enough of this issue, Tanasescu said.

Mihai TanasescuFoto: Hotnews

According to the official, talks will not start earlier than 6PM and it will probably last at least 4-5 hours. Most surely, the next installment will be released but talks will tackle the necessity to speed up reforms in Romania, Tanasescu said. If the IMF board approves the report, Romania will receive the seventh instalment. All requirements were complied with, with the exception of the state’s debts to the private sector, as IMF Romania chief Jeffrey Franks declared at the end of the evaluation mission.