Talks between the Romanian Prime Minister and World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia, Philippe Le Hourerou tackled a confidential project, which was confirmed by sources within the government for but who refused to give too many details.

The project regards the creation of a centre within the government, after the British model, made up by foreign Economists from famous universities and Romanians, representatives of political parties and other persons with a very good reputation. The nucleus will deal with Romania’s strategy on the medium and long term, governmental sources declared for

The project will prioritize the public policies Romania needs, sources said. They added that there are many policies that have no budgetary support and many allocations that are not efficient. The Prime Minister approved the project a week ago and talks with the World Bank official set up the details of the project.

The plan will take off in a few weeks and will be created for three years, sources said. A sort of clear head for the government to prepare development strategies and to rethink the reform plans.