​Romania should not take up loans from the IMF, but from international markets, like China or Russia because IMF measures are more costly, PSD leader Victor Ponta declared in an interview for HotNews.ro by Dan Tapalaga. Ponta urged for a normalization of relations with Moscow and pleads for good relations with China, Russia, Brazil and India, the new political and economical powers on the world stage.

Here are Ponta’s most interesting statements

  • About the reasons for which the Alliance between the Social Democrats and the newly formed alliance between the Liberals and Conservatives will be registered in court: the opposition wants to have absolute majority in the Parliament. With a united opposition, the parties will get more than 50% and I hope that Traian Basescu will respect article 103 of the Romanian constitution and any future president for that matter  

  • About a future suspension of the President in 2011: I am convinced that the project we will put forward will not fail and cannot be accomplished with Basescu as President. The alliance with the Center Right Alliance will have a common candidate for the presidential elections, a common candidate for the Prime Minister and common candidates for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies Speaker and a common government. 

  • I consider that I, personally, can learn more from the executive area.  

  • We shouldn’t take loans from the IMF, we could take up loans from China and Russia. International markets however are not made just by China and Russia. IMF, for the loan imposes economic policies of the 90s and the policies are more costly for the government. 

  • There is no difference between the corruption and organized crime lead by Basescu and the corruption and organized crime revealed by the murdered journalist, Anna Politkovskaya. Maybe things are more violent in Russia while in Romania Mrs Udrea is more elegant.