European Commission President Jose Manuel Barosso and Azerbaijan President, Ilham Alizev signed a common declaration regarding Europe’s gas supply. Representatives of Nabucco consortium said the declaration opens the way for the full implementation of the project.

According to them, the common declaration underlines the importance of the Southern Corridor which represents a great political signal for gas producers and buyers. The declaration is very important for Nabucco bcause Azerbaijan is considered the most important potential supplier.

The common declaration contains five points

First point. The common objective is to see the Southern corridor operational as soon as possible and establish Azerbaijan as a substantial contributor

Second point. Rushing the development process of the Shah Deniz II gas deposit

Third point. The corridor completes existent gas corridors and diversifies gas routes.

Fourth point. The Southern corridor is a milestone to increase the European energy security and a guarantee that resources on the territory can be developed

Fifth point. This strategic corridor will attract the creation of an infrastructure that will allow the transport and distribution of the national gas from Azerbaijan to the EU and other Eastern European states.