Romania has an extraordinary potential to develop Aeolian energy, proven by the interest of investors, the plans of Romanian authorities and the studies of experts. Despite the interest, investors are reticent due to legislative shortcomings. The norms implementing law 220/2008 on the promotion of energy from renewable sources have not been implemented which creates uncertainty on the market.

To implement norms, Romanian authorities should have sent an official notification to the EC which was not done so far, according to EC at the request of Competitive Council director Bogdan Chiritoiu declared that EC fears Romania has excessive support means. The European Commission still analyzes the opportunities to implement law 220/2008 which contains a series of facilities for renewable energy producers, depending on the technology used.

Due to these facilities, the EC wants to make sure that these do not represent state aid. Actors in the renewable energy market are worried about the legislative lag since it has been two years since the norms were not implemented, representatives of the renewable energy work group within the French Chamber of Commerce declared. Given the conditions, investors might start to seek opportunities in other countries.

Competition Council director Bogdan Chiritoiu declared for that the official notification to the EC is the last stage in a series of other important steps. The notification is generally sent when all problems have been dealt with, Chiritoiu said. He said Romanian authorities adopted the law and then started procedures to receive the approval of the EC but it should have been done the other way around. The Commission should have been consulted on the legislative draft before it was adopted.