Manfred Weber, Vice President of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament demands that Romania and Bulgaria should receive a clear adhesion date for Schengen, even in 2011, RFI informs. In a letter addressed to the German and French Interior ministers, who announced their opposition against Romania and Bulgaria joining Schengen, Weber requests the de-classification of evaluation reports.

Weber mentions that the Interior ministers oppose the adhesion of the two countries, on grounds that it is premature. He requests the de-classification of the technical reports of the two countries for them to be analyzed by the European Parliament, in an attempt to give more transparency to the adhesion procedures.

The requests of the reports that show that Romania is prepared to join and Bulgaria less prepared, was also requested by Romanians, but without success. Weber hints to a common French – German action to block the adhesion of the two countries and says that it is important to prove that in the EU rules are not made on the spot.