Bucharest Court decided on Thursday to reject the request of the second group of dissatisfied BCR clients to suspend the payment of their dues to the bank and compelled them to pay the bank 100,000 lei representing its legal costs. Lawyer Gheorghe Piperea declared for HotNews.ro that this decision is a message for those who want to consider suing banks.

It is a shocking decision because these people requested the suspension of their dues to the bank until a final decision on the case is given because there do not have the money to pay – most of them are budgetary personnel whose salaries was cut. The decision of the court cancelled the request of these people and imposed further financial burden, one of the leaders of the group declared for HotNews.ro.

Piperea declared that the decision to impose further financial burden on the solicitors cannot be explained. He said that the decision is imposed on the 88 clients all together and that any one of them can be compelled to pay the whole sum with the risks that come with it. He said that he will appeal the decision and if a bail will be requested, representing 10% of the sum, the money will be submitted by him personally. He added that he will defend them pro bono.