Businessman and media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu was hospitalized on Monday, January 24 at the Bucharest Emergency Hospital, just a day before his new trial term. Contacted by, Vantu said that last week he fractured the knee cap and on January 24th he had to come back to the hospital for further investigations. Tuesday, January 25th the Bucharest court judges a new trial term in the file in which the businessman is indicted for favoring Romanian fugitive Nicolae Popa to escape the Romanian justice.

During the trial, Vantu asked the judges to waive his interdiction to leave the country so he can treat his medical condition in Austria. Contacted by, Peter Husslein, the coordinating doctor said that it would be ridiculous to claim that his medical condition can only be treated in Vienna.

For medical reasons, Vantu was not able to go to the anti-graft prosecutors for a hearing in the case of an illegal VAT return of 60 million euro in which a PDL Senator is also investigated. Representatives of the Bucharest Emergency Hospital confirmed that the businessman is hospitalized.

According to representatives of the hospital, Vantu was hospitalized for a complete evaluation of his fractured knee cap. Contacted by, Peter Husslein said that he is a gynecologist and oversaw many Romanians who wanted to give birth in Vienna. He explained that Vantu contacted him, asking him to introduce him to other specialists for his medical condition. Husslein said that he just organized Vantu’s treatment but did not treat him himself.

In a document presented to court by Vantu’s lawyers, the doctor recommends that Vantu should continue his treatment in Vienna. The doctor confirms his recommendation and said that it was based on the fact that Vantu first chose to start his treatment in Vienna which is why it is normal to continue it there.