​PM Boc accused the Social Democrats and Liberals for undermining the credibility of the country through the media circus created around the arrest of the Arges County Council President, Constantin Nicolescu just as final EU evaluations for Schengen are conducted.

PDL President, Boc sustained a press conference on Friday, at 12PM at the party’s headquarters a day after Nicolescu’s arrest, followed by his hospitalization and his wife’s. The Prime minister accused leaders of the opposition of planning the media circus to hide a possible corruption deed of an important PSD member.

He said that the media circus attempts to pressure the judges and prosecutors.

Here are his most important statements:

  • Independence of the judicial system is a fundamental condition of a democratic state Justice is independent and it needs to stay that way, this is the position of PDL  

  • The Democrat Liberal party never interfered in the act of justice, irrespective of the person involved  

  • The Socialist alliance formed by PSD and PNL acts as an alliance against justice: without any proof, it attempts to undermine the act of justice through the media