"These are people that worked hard for this county, do not let PDL steal away this county, like they stole Romania in the last years. We want to show that we will continue to fight to save Romania from Basescu and Boc. Arges will remain with the people who worked for it, like Nicolescu and Pendiuc", PSD President Victor Ponta declared at the protest organized by the Social Democrats in front of the PDL headquarters in Pitesti, as a sign of solidarity to the Arges County Council President, Nicolescu who was arrested recently by anti-graft prosecutors.

The mob yelled: "Nicolescu", "Free Nicolescu" and "Unity!" Basescu should be replacing Nicolescu in prison and justice will be made, Basescu is bad for Romania and we need to get rid of him, PSD President Victor Ponta declared. At his turn, former PM Adrian Nastase said that law must be respected but that justice is politicized by people like Basescu who turned anti-graft prosecutors into political instruments.

He said that PSD is protesting for Nicolescu’s freedom, because he knows how to work and create something without stealing. Marian Vanghelie said Romania needs a rule of law not Basescu’s rule and that the party needs to stand by Nicolescu and be united. If it will be necessary, we will be on the streets in Bucharest for Nicolescu.