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The map of corruption cases at Romania’s customs/ See in the article the status of trials against customs officers 

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Marţi, 8 februarie 2011, 16:37 English | Top News

Starting January 2008, since Romania announced 2011 as the target to join Schengen, prosecutors investigated tens of cases of corrupt customs officers. presents 13 cases of groups of customs officers involved in corruption acts that start from smuggling cigarettes to bribing their way to key leadership positions. Of the 13 cases, only in one case a sentence was given. At Bechet, South Romania six customs officers were acquitted after prosecutors accused them for smuggling 2000 cigarettes boxes from evidence. See the other cases in the text. 

Halmeu customs  
  • Prosecutors investigate the case against customs officer Nicoleta Dobrescu accused of paying 130,000 euro to become chief of the Halmeu customs. 
  • Status of the trial: penal investigation 
Petea Customs 
  • Prosecutors investigate the case of one customs officer who offered to bribe the anti-graft prosecutor investigating his case 15,000 euro to drop charges  
  • Status of the trial: judged at Satu Mare court 
Arad customs  
  • Prosecutors investigate eight people, for abuse in service. Apparently the four customs officers did not make controls to two companies that had evaded the state. The fiscal evasion was estimated at 4 million euro.  
  • Status of the trial: judged at the Arad tribunal, 11 terms, 10 delays  
Nadlac Customs 
  • In June 2010, several employees of the National Highway Company were accused of asking 1500 euro bribe from the technical staff of the AC/DC band. Prosecutors heard about 10 people, including 3 customs officers but in the end decided to drop the charges 
  • Status of the trial: charges dropped 
Timis Customs 
  • In January 2011 anti graft prosecutors accused five customs officers, including their boss of cigarettes smuggling. 
  • Status of the trial: penal investigation by the anti-graft prosecutors 
Moldova Veche customs port  
  • In 2008, the customs chief together with his deputy were accused of favoring cigarettes smugglers to introduce cigarettes from duty frees in the country.  
  • Status of the trial: file returned to the anti-graft prosecutors 
Bechet Customs  
  • In 2008, five customs officers and the deputy chief of customs withdrew from the evidence 2000 boxes of cigarettes from captured merchandise. They were indicted in 2009  
  • Status of the trial: acquitted in January 2011, with the possibility to appeal 
Sibiu Customs  
  • Sibiu Customs deputy chief and other five customs officers were accused in June 2010 of favoring perfume smuggler to introduce them illegally in the country. The amount of the merchandise introduced amounts to 8 million euro.  
  • Status of the trial: penal investigation by the anti-graft prosecutors 
Ialomita Customs 
  • Three customs officers were accused of bribe taking 
  • Status of the trial: tried at Ialomita court 
Galati Customs  
  • 13 persons, including 3 customs officers were indicted in December 2010 for smuggling cigarettes. Customs officers were accused of favoring the transports and allowing them to enter the country without controls.  
  • Status of the trial: the file is being tried at Galati court 
Albita Customs  
  • Former Albita Customs chief accused in 2008 of favoring cigarettes smugglers 
  • Status of the trial: tried at Iasi court 
Neamt Customs  
  • Six persons including three customs officers, including the chief of the Neamt Customs, were indicted in November 2009 for abuse in service contrary to public interests. The customs officers are accused that they allowed a businessman to enter in the country 10 tons of petrol without paying customs taxes.  
  • Status of the trial: tried at Neamt court, 11 terms and 8 delays 
Siret Customs 
  • 59 police and customs officers indicted by anti graft prosecutors of bribe taking 
  • Status of the trial: penal investigation

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