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The Senate debates on validating the 8 members of the Superior Council of Magistracy/ Judicial Committee rejects the version to validate those magistrates about whom the Constitutional Court did not make any mention

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Luni, 14 februarie 2011, 17:14 English | Top News

The Senate meets on Monday, starting 4PM to discuss the issue of validating the eight members of the Superior Council of Magistracy following the decision of the Constitutional Court last month invalidating at the request of Democratic Liberal Party, the candidacies of three magistrates and one civil society representative. The three are judges Lidia Barbulescu, Dan Lupascu and Dan Chiujdea. Justice minister Predoiu declared on Monday that the validation of the eight members of the Council is the only legal option of the Senate following the Constitutional Court’s decision in January.  

The Senate’s Judicial Committee rejected the version to validate those magistrates on which the Court did not pronounce. President of the Committee, Toni Grebla said that members of the committee did not agree on a solution to the situation created by the Constitutional Court’s decision and that there is no legal and constitutional solution to exit the institutional crisis created.  

Therefore, the report that will be presented in the Senate will read that the only proposal was rejected with the majority of the votes of those present. Moreover, the report includes the recommendation of Liberal Senator Ghise to have President Basecu mediate the conflict between the state’s institutions.

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