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Romanian President takes stand in customs raids issue, says he's never out of solutions if Government falls

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Joi, 24 februarie 2011, 20:09 English | Top News

No customs office in Romania should be left unchecked, President Traian Basescu said in a press conference on Thursday, referring to recent major raids by anti-graft prosecutors at custom points across the country. During the conference he also spoke about his talks with European Council head Herman von Rompuy, accession to Schengen and political struggles.

President Traian Basescu's key statements:
  • I had talks with visiting European Council president Herman von Rompuy and the resulting decisions would be felt in Romanians' everyday life
  • Two sets of measures will be adopted at EU level. The first eyes the creation of a European stability mechanism to prevent problems in the euro zone. The second is linked to competitiveness.
  • For the first, a change of the Lisbon Treaty is needed and Romania agrees with this, but it has objections when it comes to the contributions. A key is proposed for which the GDP will account 50% and the population - another 50%. Romania has a 1% contribution to the EU GDP, but contributes with 4% to the EU population. The application of such a key would have Romania contribute 2.5 billion for each 100 billion in the intervention fund.
  • The second issue is the competitiveness pact, which eyes the consolidation of fiscal discipline
  • Romanians will not be able to deal with taxation levels in developed countries. Taxation should make Romania attractive to investors.
  • We agree to discuss on public policies, but we cannot agree with coordination on taxes
  • on recent anti-graft raids at custom points in Romania: external signals about actions at custom points have appeared in the report on Romanian justice. No customs point should be left unchecked, after what I've seen to have happened so far. One should not count out checks at Constanta port city. Prior to the operations at custom points, we informed the EC presidency and other European dignitaries on the issue. I did not know the details of the operations, but I knew they would take place
  • on Euro adoption by Romania: the deadline remains 2015. We'll have to analyze whether the deadline remains feasible
  • on the possibility that the Government fall following a censure motion in the Parliament, which opposition parties have threatened after the government said it would try to assume responsibility in the Parliament for a renewed Labor code: any assumption of responsibility involves risks. I'm never left without solutions.

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