The US Department of Justice has approved the extradition to Romania of Mihai Necolaiciuc, former head of Romanian Railways national company, according to the Romanian Justice Ministry. Necolaiciuc was indicted by National Anti-corruption Department in February 2009 under charges of abuse in office against public interest.

Necolaiciuc was arrested in Palm Beach County, Florida in June 2009. On his arrest, Necolaiciuc, who's suspected to have prejudiced the Romanian Railways company with some 50 million euro, presented identification papers issued in Venezuela.

His arrest was made at the request of Interpol Washington. The extradition procedure was initiated by Romania.

In March 2010, Necolaiciuc discussed with reporters from Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei, sending a message to top Social Democratic Party (PSD) representatives in which he said he knew "what they all smoked" although he was the only one to have "a pocket smelling of cigarettes".