The Romanian companies with debts to recover from Libya are Romtehnica, Arcom, Tarom, Contransimex and Romagrimex, Finance Ministry officials have told Romtehnica has the biggest amount to recover - some 39 million US dollars. Arcom, a firm through which Romanian businessman Gigi Becali took over Libyian debts, has the equivalent some 13.5 million US dollars to recover from the African country, according to official data.

Contacted by, Becali said the amount to recover is higher as it includes debts listed at the Finance Ministry on the name of other companies.

By March 1, 2011, Romania had some 45.57 million US dollars and some 22.93 million Libyan dinars to recover from Libya.

Other officials confirmed for that the recovery of debts from Libya was rather difficult, especially in the current circumstances.