A powerful 8.9 Richter scale earthquake took place on Friday morning, in the North Eastern coast of Japan, the American center for earthquakes supervision announced. Several buildings in Tokyo were shaken real bad and a tsunami alert was instated in several countries.


The quake hit at local time 14:46 PM, when most of the people were at work. In Japan's capital city, 380 km away from the epicenter, several buildings were shaken for at least two minutes and most people, scared, were out in the streets, AFP informs.

The initial magnitude announced was 7.9 on a Richter scale and was revised twice.

Romania’s Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson Doris Mircea said that there were no cases of Romanians hurt in the quake based on the preliminary information.

6:25 AM The latest death toll exceeds 1,400 people, AFP reports. Kyodo news reports 433 dead and 784 missing

6:05 AM The latest toll shows over 1,200 people dead

6 AM More than 215,000 people were evacuated in shelters in the North and East of Japan in the wake of the tremor and the tsunami that hit Japan on Friday.

4:30 AM There were 124 aftershocks with magnitudes over 5 degrees, US Geological Survey reads.

2:20 AM 81 people on board of a Japanese ship survived the tsunami.

1:24 AM Death toll: 402 dead, 991 injured, 547 missing

7:25 PM A second train is missing after a tsunami hit d’Iwate, North West of the country, Jiji news agency reports. There is no information whether the train held passengers or merchandise.

6:30 PM The toll exceeds 330 dead

6 PM A dam in Fukushima region where the nuclear plant is, broke. Several houses were taken by the waters.

5:10 PM 88,000 people are missing, Kyodo news agency reports.

4:40 PM A passengers train with an unknown number of people on board is missing; the train was linking Sendai and Ishinomaki when it was hit by a tsunami

4:20 PM The police toll amounts to 290 dead and 350 missing after 200 bodies were confirmed on Sendai beach

5:35 PM A massive explosion took place in the petrochemical complex in Sendai, Kyodo reports

3:33 PM Between 200 to 300 bodies were found on a beach near Sendai, Jiji Press news agency report quoted by BBC.

3:20 PM New toll: at least 90 dead

2:50 PM State of nuclear emergency in Japan. 2,000 people evacuated

2:45 PM The quake wave reached Indonesia but it has only 10 cm and did not claim any damages

2:35 PM Toll reaches 60 dead

10:50 AM The tsunami alert was extended across the Pacific ocean, except US and Canada. The alert includes Mexico, Central and Sourth American countries in the Pacific.

10:40 AM At least five dead, tends of people injured, Reuters reports 10:30 AM Russia, Phillipines, Hawaii ordered evacuations.

9:40 AM The quake was also felt at Beijing, local people announced quoted by the international press. 9:48 AM 53 Pacific coast countries received a tsunami alert.

9:40 AM 4 million households in Tokyo were left without electricity. A powerful fire broke at the Chiba factory, nearby the capital city. Authorities in the Wakayama region decided to evacuate 20,000 people.

9:38 AM The tsunami alert was instated in Indonesia as well.

9:28 AM Five nuclear plants were shut down after the quake.

9:19 AM 10 meter quake waves were registered in the Sendai region, North East of the country, local newspapers read. News televisions air shocking images from the region.

9:06 AM Naval Japanese forces were sent to the Miyagi area, seriously affected by the quake.