For now there is no information to confirm massive damages for Japanese investors in Romania, as a consequence of the recent 8.9 Richter scale quake in Japan, Japanese Embassy to Bucharest declared for Reports do not confirm losses for companies investing in Romania, officials said.

The volume of commerce between the two countries is worth 20.9 billion Yuan’s – exports from Japan and 20.4 billion Yuan’s – imports from Romania. Investments in Romania were focused on the outskirts of Bucharest and in central Romania, Transylvania. The biggest Japanese investors in Romania are: Japan Tobacco International, JTI, Koyo Seiko, Yazaki Corporation, Sumitomo Electric Industries, YKK Corporation, SOL PLUS SOL PLUS, Takata Corporation, Fuji Magnetics, Makita Corporation.

Most of them even plan to extend their operations and initiate new investments. There are about 190 companies in Romania, including all other Japanese companies that are not necessarily producers like Anritsu, Namco Bandai, Terapia which invested in research centers in Romania.