An explosion took place on Saturday at the nuclear plant Fukushima, local televisions informed as they revealed images of a white smoke above the plant, AFP informs. Several employees of the plant were hurt, according to public television NHK. The level of radioactivity in Japan is 20 times higher than normal.

Governmental sources, quoted by NHK TV said that the explosion took place at 7GMT. The cause is not known at the moment but a nuclear expert said that it could be a controlled explosion.

3:30 PM A 6 degrees Richter scale quake shook Fukushima, North Japan at local time 22:15 public television’s inform.

3:20 PM The explosion was caused by the hydrogen accumulated, combined with the oxygen in the space between the external structure and the container. The container was not affected, a Japanese official said.

3:15 PM International Atomic Energy Agency announced that Japanese authorities are ready to distribute iodine

12:44 PM It is less likely for serious damages to affect the reactor’s walls

12:20 PM Japanese authorities extended the evacuation radius surrounding the plant to 20 km

11:15 The International Atomic Energy Agency said that it found out from the press about the explosion of the reactor at Fukushima and requested information from Japanese authorities.

10:45 AM Public television NHK advised Japanese to take shelter in their houses, shut their windows, turn off the AC and refrain from using tap water.