Another reactor of the Fukushima 1 nuclear plant has problems with the cooling system, a Japanese official declared on Saturday night, quoted by Kyodo news agency and Reuters. The plant operator Tokyo Electric Power announced it will start to release vapors to decrease pressure from the third reactor of the plant.

Yukio Edano, spokesperson of the Japanese government declared at the state television that the third reactor is in danger, but operations releasing vapors are undergoing. The operation follows an explosion at the first reactor of the Fukushima 1 plant. After the explosion authorities registered an increase of radioactivity and about 140,000 people were evacuated on a 20 km radius surrounding the plant.

The Japanese government claims that the level of radiation is low and that the explosion did not affect the core of the reactor. By contrast, the Japanese authority for nuclear safety, quoted by Kyodo news agency read that the number of people affected by radiations might amount to 160. Japanese authorities do not exclude the possibility of an explosion at the third reactor, AFP informs.