Romania’s fiscal administration agency received a list of about 80,000 operations on the Swiss bank accounts made in the last four years by about 50 Romanian citizens and a new set of data is expected from the US, sources close to the financial – banking system declared for

The fiscal administration has a special department controlling the revenues of individuals with high and very high revenues, seeking the way those individuals pay their dues and attempting to discover those who own undeclared revenues. The first data received by the Romanian officials are from their Swiss counterpart, but there are agreements with fiscal administrations in several European countries and the US.

Spain and Greece started similar operations two years ago. To avoid useless spending, citizens were invited to repatriate their money and in exchange the fiscal administration would take only a part of them. After a six month period those who failed to come clean, if found risked to lose the whole amount. Italy repatriated 95 billion euro and is one of the success cases. France talked about billions of euro to the budget, but information was not made official.