The fire that broke out on Tuesday, at reactor 4 of the nuclear plant at Fukushima, on the North East coast of Japan was contained, the plant’s operator TEPCO announced, quoted by Reuters.

UPDATE 6:15 PM AIEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, estimates that the isolation container of the reactor 2 at Fukushima might have been effected by an explosion, AFP reads. According to available information, isolation containers remained intact but the explosion might have affected the integrity of the isolation containers, the agency reads in a press release. The isolation container surrounding the core of the reactor is destined to protect it and isolate if from the environment to avoid any radioactive contamination.

UPDATE 5:55 PM Japanese authorities announced AIEA that the Hamaoka plant continues to run safely after a new quake on Tuesday night in South West of Tokyo. Hamaoka plant is 10 km away from the epicenter of the new quake, of 6 degrees on a Richter scale.

UPDATE 5 PM American marines declared that certain war ships arriving to Japan will relocate on the West coast of Honshu instead of reaching the East coast, due to radiological dangers and navigation problems.

UPDATE 4:50 PM AIEA declared that all unit of Fukushima Diani, Onagawa and Tokai plants are safe and stable.

UPDATE 11 4 PM A powerful tremor with magnitude 6 was felt on Tuesday night in South West of Tokyo, AFP reads. The epicenter was in Shizuka prefecture, 120 km South West of the capital city, nearby Fuji mountain.

UPDATE 9 3:15 PM The recent police toll: 3,373 dead, 6,746 missing and 1,897 injured.

UPDATE 8 3:05 PM The level of radioactivity drops at Fukushima, Reuters reads.

UPDATE 7 2:55 PM French Nuclear Agency declared for AFP that the nuclear incident at Fukushima reached level 6 out of 7 in terms of gravity.

UPDATEThe level of radioactivity at the nuclear plant at Fukushima dropped, where several reactors suffered successive faults in the wake of the 8.9 Richter scale quake and the tsunami, a spokesperson of the government informed in a press conference.

UPDATEAccording to AIEA emissions of 400 mSV per hour, the measuring unit for radiations doses that reach the organism, were reported at the Fukushima nuclear plant. The level of emissions that do not affect the organism cannot exceed 100 mSv.

Previously, the international agency for atomic energy announced that the fire hit a container stocking used nuclear fuel. According to BBC people are extremely worried after the government admitted that their health can be affected by the dangerous level of radiations in the atmosphere.

The international agency for atomic energy, AIEA confirmed that there are radioactive leakages in the atmosphere. The plant’s operator asked for the help of military Japanese forces and the US army to contain the fire. The explosion might have been caused by hydrogen buildup.

Philip White, from the nuclear information center in Tokyo talked at BBC about the courage of 50 employees who remained at the nuclear plant, saying that they are risking their life by exposing to a very high level of radiation. He added that the lack of willingness from authorities to take in advices on the dangers of quakes and tsunamis lead to this situation.

The level of radiations increased significantly in the reactor’s area. Authorities called for the evacuation of the population on a 30 km radius surrounding the plant.