A new fire broke on Tuesday night at reactor 4 at the Fukushima 1 plant with clouds of smoke seen above the plant. Even though authorities announced that the fire was extinguished, the level of radiations in the area had dangerous variations from one hour to another which determined TEPCO, the plant operator to temporary evacuate the last workers there. The Japanese government spokesperson announced that the isolation systems at reactors 1 and 3 were damaged.

European Commissioner for Energy, Gunther Oettinger qualified the accident at the plant in Japan as an apocalypse saying that authorities lost control over the situation.

UPDATE 2:49 PM Two tanks of US army are headed towards Fukushima 1 nuclear plant to help cool reactors. They will not be operated by American military, but by TEPCO employees, CNN reads

2:46 PM Severe damages at the reactor 3 container are less probable, Japanese spokesperson.

2:44 PM France and Great Britain will continue their nuclear energy policies

1:48 PM Japanese sports, the most difficult moment in history. 1:35 PM China suspends any authorization for nuclear plants.

1:43 PM Over 12,000 dead and missing in Japan, an official toll reads, quoted by CNN

1:35 PM Police considers using water guns to cool reactor 4, Kyodo reports.

1:16 PM CNN announces that authorities detected radioactive substances in tap water 80 km away from the plant. Supplementary tests indicated there were no such substances.

Fukushima 1 or Daichiplant, affected by the quake and tsunami on Friday has 6 reactors. This is located 250 km North of Tokyo

Reactor 1

The cooling system is down. An explosion took place on Monday. Now it is stable, with water levels at normal. Isolation room is damaged.

Reactor 2

The cooling system failed on Monday. The water level dropped so much that the uranium bars within it were completely exposed. Authorities started to inject water and the water level increased to 2 meters only to fall again below exposing the uranium bars. The level of radiations at the plant doubled.

An explosion was confirmed on Tuesday morning at reactor 2. The building isolating reactor 2 was damaged. The pressure of the reactor was stabilized for the moment.

Reactor 3

Two explosions registered on Monday but the reactor was not affected, only the roof of the container. The accident was evaluated at level 4 on a 0 to 7 scale regarding nuclear accidents.

The level of water increased to 30 cm and pressure is about to be stabilized. The isolation room is damaged.

Reactor 4

Was on fire on Tuesday morning. The level of radiations increased considerably and authorities evacuated the population on a 30 km radius surrounding Fukushima 1. A new fire broke on Tuesday night, TEPCO officials, the plant operators said that there is danger of radioactive leakage.

Fukushima 2 nuclear plant or Daini with 4 reactors

3 of the 4 reactors have problems and lost control of pressure on Friday. Pressure was stabilized within the reactors but isolation countainers were damaged severely.

Tokai nuclear plant The cooling system broke down. The safety system was activated and the temperature of the reactor drops regularly. The situation is stable.

Onagawa nuclear plant with 3 reactors

A increase above normal of the level of radiations. Radiations were coming from the Fukushima plant. All three reactors function normally.