Union members started to gather up in Constitutiei Square, in front of the parliament where the protest against the government’s modifications to the new labor code for which the government took responsibility in the Parliament. Several thousands of protesters gathered so far in the square, but unions hope to have 50,000 people at the protest scheduled to end at 6 PM. Meanwhile, the Parliament debates the motion of censure against the government and will cast a vote on it today, after 3 PM.


The protest brings about traffic restrictions downtown Bucharest.

UPDATE 3:50 PMThe protest is over, protesters leave the square.

UPDATE 3:23 PMA part of protesters left after opposition leaders arrived in the square.

UPDATE 2:43 PM Crin Antonescu and Victor Ponta, opposition leaders, are in Constitutiei Square

UPDATE 2:28 PM Morometii concert is over. Liberal leader Antonescu and PSD leader Ponta are expected in the square.

2:23 PM A part of the protesters start to leave the square. 300 to 400 participants left.

2:20 PM One of the protesters was transported to the hospital, Romanian news agency Mediafax reports. Doctors say that he was drunk.

2:11 PM Morometii band performs for the protesters.

2:05 PM About 8000 protesters gathered in the square. Unions claim that the numbers will increase after 4 PM when most of the people will leave work and will join them.

1:50 PM Union leader Dragos Frumos says Basescu found Boc in a Kinder surprise egg. 1:38 PM One of the protesters fell ill and people called the ambulance.

1:33 PM Marin Gruia, member of the Police union told protesters that the President sent representatives of the secret services.

12:43 PM About 7000 protesters gathered by now at the rally.

12:30 pm A marching band sings a funeral march and a union member yells: this is the government’s funeral March 16, 2011

12:27 Unions call for PM Boc’s presence.

12:22 Union leaders organize the people. Water tanks were brought for protesters.