The two reunited chambers of the Parliament started at 3PM a meeting to debate and vote on the motion of censure against the Boc government submitted by the opposition when the government assumed responsibility of the new labour code. The vote is secret.

UPDATE 11 PMThe motion of censure fell with 212 votes for, 4 against and 2 cancelled. Five Parliamenarians of the governing coalition and an independent voted for the opposition’s motion of censure: Senators Attila Verestoy Hungarian Democratic Party and Ernest Onofrei, Democratic Liberal Party voted against (on an open vote) and PDL deputies Daniel Oajdea, Marius Spanu and Mircea Giurgiu and Independent Gheorghe Zoicas but their vote was not in the open.

UPDATE 9:35 PM Social Democratic President Victor Ponta declared that he and his colleagues will leave the Parliament if the Democratic Liberals do not accident to adopt a protest against the declarations of Hungarian PM Viktor Orban.

UPDATE 9 PM The vote on the motion is delayed, Parliamentarians continue to debate on other topics. UPDATE 20:30 PM The meeting was resumed after two breaks for consultations were taken.

UPDATE 4:36 PM Social Democratic leader Victor Ponta in a speech in the Parliament says that he agrees with the President that a new Prime Minister is needed.

UPDATE 4:28 PM PM Boc in an address to the Parliament underlines that the new labor code will bring about hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the Romanian economy and urges his colleagues to leave intoxications aside. He says the labor code will limit illegal jobs and less people will be unemployed.

UPDATE 4:23 PM PM Boc said that Romania is part of the EU and it needs to gain ground to the gap that separates it from the EU. Populism will not take Romania further, he added.

UPDATE 4:14 PM Boc accuses the opposition of copying most of the government’s version on the labor code in their own version submitted in the Parliament.

4:12 PM The socialist alliance plans to leave Romanians jobless to beg for their mercy, Boc said. Boc said that the government managed to stabilize the country’s economy, to save the country from collapse and take measures to have economic growth. He told the Parliament that the motion has no chance that it is not related to the labor code. Two thirds of the motion’s text is made up of political attacks and contains contradictory information.

UPDATE 3:12 PM PM Boc arrived at the Parliament and told journalists never to say never when the former asked him whether this is the last motion and the last time his government will take responsibility for a law.

UPDATE 3:05 PM The meeting is delayed, Senators and Deputies did not gather. In the same time, unions threaten to attack the new labour code at the Constitutional Court if the motion of censure will be rejected.