Japanese authorities managed to re-connect to the electricity system reactor 2 of Fukushima plant. Radioactivity started to decrease after their efforts to cool reactor 3.

Moreover, operations aimed at cooling down systems will continue on Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, more and more countries continue to evacuate their citizens. The situation at Fulkushima 1 plant, severely damaged by the 9.0 Richter scale quake is relatively stable compared to Wednesday which is a positive thing, an expert of the International Atomic Energy Agency declared, quoted by France Presse.

In a press release Romania’s Foreign Affairs ministry advises Romanians to leave the country if their presence there is not a necessity and it recommends them to avoid Sendai area and limiting their travels to Tokyo and Yokohama. The Pentagon authorized the families of military personnel and civilian employees of the American Defense Ministry to leave Japan, Pentagon’s spokesperson David Lapan declared, quoted by international news agencies. However the decision does not involve those living on Okinawa island where an important military base is located. China started evacuating its citizens and more and more airline companies are supplementing their flights to facilitate the evacuation.