Military planes from the US, France, Great Britain, Italy and Canada launched on Saturday air raids against some military targets in Libya pertaining to the Qaddafi regime in an operation called Odyssey Dawn. Bombings were launched in the same day in which high American officials with their European and Arab counterpart decided at Paris, in a special Summit dedicated to Libya an immediate start of military operations to protect civilians from Qaddafi’s forces.

1:32 AM Libya demands the urged meeting of the UN Security Council, claiming that 48 civilians died and 150 were injured in the attacks of the allied forces.

00:45AM An American official declared that Qaddafi’s air defense was severely affected by the allied attacks.

00:30 AM Thousands of Libyans surrounded Qaddafi’s general headquarters in Tripoli, promising to defend him with their lives against allied attacks. There are numerous children. Qaddafi’s family is inside.

00:00 AM The Libyan government qualified the attacks as barbaric saying that they provoked real sufferings among civilians.

23:55 PM Qaddafi threatens to attack civilian and military objectives in the Mediterranean Sea, AFP reads.

23:50 PM Qaddafi addresses a speech about the aggression against Libya.

23:30 PM Allied bombings hit Mitiga base in Tripoli and a military base of loyalists nearby Misrata.

22:50 PM According to Al Jazeera, the National Council of rebellions coordinate attacks with international forces.

22:45 PM Libyan state television aired that the enemy attacked civilian targets in Zuwarah, Tripoli, Misrata, Sirte and Benghazi.

22:00 PM US announced that it launched over 110 Tomahawk missiles against Libyan targets.

21:44 PM Several explosions were heard East of Tripoli but their origin is unknown, AFP informs.

20:32 PM American Defense minister Robert Gates canceled his visit scheduled for Russia after the military intervention in Libya was started.

7:45 PM French war planes destroyed four Libyan tanks.

7 PM The first attack of French planes over a Libyan military vehicle was at 16:45 GMT, French Defense minister announced.

6:50 PM About 20 planes were involved in Saturday’s actions, French spokesperson declared.

6:25 PM Canadian PM Stephen Harper: if Benghazi falls, Qaddafi’s regime will not resist long, Reuters informs.

6:16 PM Angela Merkel: Germany will not be part of any military missions in Libya.

5:38 PM Currently Italy offers only its air bases for actions against Libya and might be part of air raids if it is necessary, Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi announced quoted by ANSA.

5:20 PM Italian war planes monitor Libya, Al Arabiya informs.