Romanian MEP declared on Sunday, for that he would never be willing to make a procedural act for money explaining that the so called lobbyists had wrong intentions ad that they exaggerated. The Romanian MEP explained that in December 2010 he was contacted by two people pretending to be directors at the British company Taylor Jones Public Affairs, offering all contact details of the company.

They proposed Severin to be a member of the company’s board of consultants and offer consultancy on political matters. Severin explained that he has every right to be a consultant, if he does not disclose confidential information. He added that they forwarded him a contract which he amendment and they requested consultancy and help to submit an amendment.

Severin explains that he did not submit the amendment requested and that he refused to do it and did not request any money. Severin explained that he did not submit the amendment as somebody else submitted it before him which, according to him explains the email received by the so called lobbyists from him informing them that the amendment was submitted.

Severin said that he signed the contract in January but that he did not cash in the 12,000 euro. He said that they initially offered to pay him even 16,000 euro which was strange, in his opinion as the sum was exaggerated. Romanian MEP Adrian Severin was one of the three MEPs who, according to an undercover investigation by British Daily Sunday Times were willing to sell their services for huge sums of money.