In an online conversation on the Sunday Times website, one of the journalists who orchestrated the incognito investigation said that the publication holds several hours of recordings in which Adrian Severin and other MEPs are willing to be hired for money to change the legislation. Journalists claim that they documented the subjected several months and that Severin told them that the sums of money will be justified through consulting contracts.

  • Charles Tannock, British MEP: if it is true that they agreed to be paid for amendments to legislation then it is a serious breach of legislation 
  • Adrian Severin claims images are fake and that he plans to sue the publication  

Journalist Jonathan Calver talked in an online conversation on the Sunday Times website about the investigation in which Romanian MEP Adrian Severin offered to support an amendment to a European directive in exchange of a sum of money.

“We contacted a series of MEPs, pretending to be lobbyists working for clients willing to pay politicians to influence laws during adoption procedures. Three MEPs, experienced politicians who held important positions in their countries forwarded amendments to the financial legislation based on the agreement that they will be paid for their service. All amendments were in the benefit of the businesses and not in the favor of consumers.”

The journalist said that the whole investigation started after receiving some tips and that the three MEPs were taped in various locations during meetings with presumed lobbyists. “We have hours of recordings proving that they are willing to receive money to modify the legislation. Our intention was to have a better EP with stricter rules and a better system to monitor MEPs. Rules are vague and there is no watchdog maintaining standards and sanctions are pathetic. Nobody is really suspended.”

VIDEO Adrian Severing talking with the presumed lobbyists about the modification of legislation and his payment:

We agreed with Severin that he will receive 100,000 euro for taking part in the board of consultants for a six year mandate. We also agreed that he can reimburse expenses up to 4000 euro/day for his job in the Parliament.