Social Democratic President Victor Ponta announced on Monday morning that Adrian Severin’s situation will be discussed in the party following investigation following the information in the daily British Sunday Times revealing that three MEPs including Romanian Adrian Severin declared willing to “sell their services” in exchange of up to 100,000 euro/year to some undercover journalists pretending to be lobbyists.

Adrian Severin announced on Monday that he suspends himself from managerial positions in the Social Democratic Party until his situation in the EP is cleared, Romanian news agency Agerpres reads. I hope that an investigation in the EP will be launched as soon as possible, to clarify all things.

And because the party has no connection and cannot investigate these things, I proposed to withdraw from member of the National Permanent Office until the situation will be cleared. He said that the party showed their trust and wish that the investigation will be competent and objective. PSD leader Ponta said that Severin did what he had to do and that the result of the EP investigation will dictate further measures.