Romanian MEP Adrian Severin was booed on Wednesday, at the first session of the European Parliament since the bribe for MEPs scandal revealed by the British daily The Sunday Times last week. When EP President opened the session with this topic and announced that Severin decided not to resign as MEP, he was booed by his MEP colleagues especially by the Socialists, MEP Jean Marinescu declared for

There were accusing voices from the European Popular Party but by far, the most critical were the Socialists, Marinescu said. The irritation was big, he said. Socialists and Democrats confirmed on Tuesday the exclusion of the Romanian MEP Adrian Severin from their group, suspected of corruption and demand his resignation from the European institution, a press release of the group reads.

Romanian MEP Adrian Severin declared on Tuesday, for Antena 3 news television that the solution to resign because of some lying accusations is not a real solution. He said that he is not willing to do it and said that PSD leader Ponta, who demanded his exclusion from the party, drew his conclusions based on newspaper articles. Severin said that he will remain an independent Social Democrats and he will fight to reveal the truth.