Telephone conversations recordings in the Halmeu Customs bribe case reveal that businessman Liviu Florian cashed 130,000 euro to mediate the appointment of Halmeu Customs chief and in this business influent PDL members might be involved, Romanian daily Stiri de Cluj reads.

Liviu Florian, Ion Savu, Ioan Romeo Nitu and Florin Feher are investigated in this file by anti graft prosecutors from Oradea, West Romania, accused of traffic of influence and bribe offering, after they received in December 2009 from Nicoleta Dobrescu an important sum of money to facilitate her appointment as chief of Halmeu customs. Dobrescu apparently met Liviu Florian in 2009 about whom it is known that he has important connections in the administrative and political spheres.

Anti-graft prosecutors claim that Florian asked for 130,000 euro in installments for the appointment of Dobrescu. Dobrescu took the money from underground groups and promised them the possibility to introduce smuggled cigarettes through the customs.