TEPCO, the operator of the Japanese Fukushima nuclear plant, severely affected by the March 11th tsunami and quake released the first images with the 50 workers left to manage the frequent malfunctions of the cooling systems at the four reactors. Photos reveal the fierce conditions these brave men are working to save their country from nuclear disaster, DailyMail reads.


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On March 15, TEPCO announced that it withdrew most employees from the affected plant and has only 50 employees left there. A press release at the time read that the team is trying to control the situation by cooling the reactors. Columbia University director of radiological research David Brenner declared for BBC that the 50 workers are exposed to a significant risk due to radiation exposure.

They are heroes, Brenner said. As radiation level increases in the air every minute, the 50 workers know that this is their last job, the article reads. According to information, five of the employees already died and another 15 are wounded.