Romania’s Institute for Public Policy demands MEP Adrian Severin, through a press release issued on Thursday, to “show decency” and quit the European Parliament. IPP mentions that the Socialists and Democrats alliance in the EP approved, with an unanimous vote, the exclusion of MEP Severin from the group and PSD, who vice president it is, demands his resignation from the party.

IPP realizes that Romanian politicians, both those in Brussels and in Bucharest do not have the accountability morals to those that elected them, the press release reads. These are more concerned to protect the image of the party than to take responsibility to their voters. IPP urges Severin to act honorable in the current situation and leave with dignity the European Parliament not to embarrass Romania. According to IPP lobby sets clear rules regarding those who cannot practice it.

Severin, according to the Institute should have been aware of this given the experience of the Social Democratic Party with lobby contracts (in 2002 when Nastase was Prime Minister they hired a lobby company in the US to mediate meetings with high American officials).