Marius Petcu, CNSRL Fratia union leader was caught taking 40,000 euro bribe, Romanian public television TVR reports in a news on the institution’s website. According to the quoted source, the 40,000 euro is a first installment of a total sum higher than 200,000 euro. Petcu is currently being heard by anti graft prosecutors.

Marius PetcuFoto: Agerpres

UPDATE According to TVR reporter Alexandru Costache, Petcu was caught red handed while receiving bribe from a businessman. The operation took place in Bucharest, around 3 PM. Petcu was brought at anti graft prosecutors’ headquarters and will be retained for bribe taking. In parallel, prosecutors are organizing house searches.

According to judicial sources quoted by TVR, Marius Petcu as member of the board of Sind Romania (the commercial company of unions in Romania) asked and received bribe from a businessman for offering him some contracts for construction works.

In February 2011, judicial sources declared for that the wealth of union leaders are being checked by National Integrity Agency officials.