A 2007 cable from the US Embassy to Kiev, leaked by Wikileaks and quoted by HotNews.ro on Sunday, notes that Ukrainians were speaking of a theory according to which politicians in the Republic of Moldova promoting a pro-European policy were silently supporting Moldova's entry in the EU through Romania, with a possibility that Moldova on the right bank of Dniester eventually join Romania, while the left bank (Transdniester) turn to Ukraine. Instead of being absorbed by Romania, Moldova on the right bank of Dniester would unite

with Romania in a supra-national structure cold "Romanova", according to the cable, which is classified confidential.

A long series of Wikileaks documents were published by HotNews.ro on Sunday. Other media in Romania also published cables later yesterday.

The cable, as quoted by HotNews.ro on the Romanian version of the website, notes that Andrey Veselovsky, then deputy Foreign Affairs Minister in Ukraine voiced his concerns related to Moldova’s relations with Romania, a position which he said was shared by the another prominent Ukrainian official, Oleksandr Chaly, who has served as Ukraine’s Ambassador to Romania.

The Romanian version of HotNews.ro also quotes other cables from Ukraine regarding the country's relations with Romania.

Read the info from the cable on the Romanian version of HotNews.rohere.